The three congregations of the United Reformed Church on the Isle of Wight came together as a Group Pastorate at the beginning of 2014. We meet up several times a year to build relationships and for spiritual encouragement.

All three churches were once part of the Congregational Church in England and Wales and joined the URC on its formation in 1972.

Prayer for the URC -

We work in partnership with other local congregations in the three areas of the Island and share in Island-wide projects such as the Foodbank, Street Pastors and Youth for Christ.

Our closest sister church is Newport Congregational Church, which shares a similar history and Christian tradition. See separate information page: Contact - Rev Mark Evans

Isle of Wight URC participates in the Wight Church Network:

- An information exchange for Churches and Christians on the Isle of Wight and a central source of information for those who wish to find out more about the Church and her activities on the Island. Wightchurch